John Wells W1ZD

This is a page about Mr. John Wells W1ZD. He was partner with Mr. Harvey W1RF in the Harvey-Wells company started in March 1940. I will try to find pictures and articles with him and add them in here. Any additional info or pictures of Mr. Wells is much appreciated...


Picture of Mr. Wells by Terry Shotts, N3GTE

Got this beautiful QSL card of Mr. Wells W1ZD sent to me by courtesy of John Dilks, K2TQN - many thanks John!

This story contributed by Lock Pingree W1ZD

John M. Wells W1ZD "The other half of Harvey-Wells"

John M. Wells was born in 1903 in Southbridge, Massachusetts. He attended St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire and became interested in amateur radio there. He became president of the school's amateur radio club and held the call sign 1BQJ in 1919. During this same period John held the call sign 1CAK at his home in Southbridge.

One of the earliest hams to grind crystals, having started by using pebble quartz lenses obtained in England, John's description of his multistage crystal controlled transmitter appeared in QST magazine for June, 1926.

An avid aviator, it was his autogyro that made the trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for the 5-meter eclipse of the sun tests written up by Ross Hull in QST magazine for October 1932. While attending Harvard University, John was a reorganizer of the Harvard Wireless Club, 1AF. He received his bachelor's degree from Harvard in 1925. John received the call sign 1ZD about 1926; he also held the experimental station call sign 1XAX at this time.

John was employed by the American Optical Company in Southbridge, a company started by his grandfather. But John was more interested in radio than optics and in 1939 he co-founded the Harvey-Wells Electronics Company with Clifford A. Harvey, W1RF.

Harvey-Wells Electronics produced equipment for amateur radio, police and public safety and aviation. They also produced many radio crystals during World War II for use by the military. John was involved with the company until the late 1950's when it was bought by Whitin Machine Works. In 1954, Harvey-Wells made a Picture Tour cataloge of their facilities.

 John M. Wells passed away on June 26, 1989.

Funeral ad June 27 1989