Paul S. Hendricks

This is a page about Paul S. Hendricks. He was partner with Mr. Harvey W1RF in their company Hendricks & Harvey that started in 1932. They seems to have made only the SSS receiver I found in QST.

Mr. Hendricks was active at the frequency station W1XP at MIT, during the same time as Mr. Harvey was studying there. He wrote the following articles in QST 1931 describing  the W1XP station the same year.

He also participated in the Solar Eclipse 56 Mc tests made by Ross Hull and John Wells W1ZD in 1932, operating W1AML at the expedition headquarters near Pinkham Notch. It is possible that that Mr. Harvey got to know John Wells W1ZD via Mr. Hendricks at that time, and that all three became buddies from then on. Would close the circle if true and explain how they all meet and got together :)

Any additional info or pictures with Mr. Hendricks is much appreciated...