Research & Sources

Im very interested in finding any information about Harvey Radio Labs, Harvey of Cambridge and Harvey-Wells. Like pictures, coworkers, stories and such. If anyone out there knows how to help, please write me...

Sources who kindly helped me in understanding the history:

Mr. Don Metz N3RHT, provided documentation and info.

Mr. Greer Hardwicke, Preservation Planner, Town of Brookline, MA.

Mrs. Helen Proulx Harvey, daughter of Mr. Harvey.

Mrs. Margaret Morrissey, Adult Librarian, Jacob Edward’s Library, Southbridge, MA.

The Harwey-Wells Personnel & Facilities Manual 1957

The Within Spindle Newsletter, January 1957

Mr. Bob Hannon, former employee of Harvey-Wells 1941-44.

Mr. Stan Harle G3MEA, amateur radio friend of Mr. Harvey for many years.

Mr. Tony Cairns for sending the descendants of the Harvey family.

Addresses used by the different companies during the years:

1:   Hendricks & Harvey, 408 Main St, Hartford, Conn. (1932)

2:   Harvey Radio Labs Inc, 12 Boylston St, Brookline, Mass. (1933-37)

3:   Harvey Radio Labs Inc, 25 Thorndike St, Cambridge, Mass. (1938-39)

4:   Harvey Radio Labs Inc, 451 Concord Ave, Cambridge, Mass. (1941)

5:   Harvey Radio Labs Inc, 447 Concord Ave, Cambridge, Mass. (1944)

6:   Harvey of Cambridge, 447 Concord Ave, Cambridge, Mass. (1944)

7:   Harvey Radio Labs, 436 Concord Ave, Cambridge 38, Mass. (1947)

8:   Harvey Radio Labs Inc (Eng. Dept.), 255 Concord Ave, Cambridge, Mass. (1948)

9:   Harvey-Wells Electronics Inc, Southbridge, Mass. (1940-58)

10:  Harvey-Wells Electronics Inc, Natick, Mass. (1959)