Contributions - thanks!

This is a page where I will put the names of people who has helped me in making the site what it is. Its truly great to see the response, and meeting so many nice folks who want to help making the site grow with usefull info! Best of all, I was not alone in my efforts wanting the history of Harvey to survive, and it really makes it worth keep working...

If you have something you think would suit the site, please write me and tell :)

Don Merz, N3RHT for the kind help sending me the Harvey 80-T manual and The Amplifier and a long wanted round selectivity knob for my HRO Sr! :) Many thanks Don...

Harry NØPU who found the Harvey-Wells ads in the 1944 ARRL handbook, and solved my questions if they really did produce anything before 1948. Harry will also help me in looking for other Harvey related items. Many thanks!

Dick Whitney who is responsible for me finding Cliff and Helen! Has a very nice site about Southbridge on the net. Many thanks Dick!

Geoff Fors WB6NVH for sending me the picture of his Harvey-Wells Marine radiotelephone transceiver and a article from Electric Radio 1990 with a interview with Dick Mahler W1DQH. No date found or model nr, but is probably made in the mid 1940’ies. Geoff collects early police radios and have a site with lots of pictures. Thanks!

John Burgwyn W4WAW who helped me get info about his Harvey-Wells aircraft transceiver made in 1948 and also sent me the schematics for it. Thanks for your help!

Jeff Adcock for helping me to get the pictures of Mike Zuccaro’s FM receiver and the Harvey of Cambridge ads in 1945 & 1947 scanned. Many thanks Jeff!

Lock Pingree W1ZD for contributing and helping me with info so I could publish the biography of John Wells W1ZD and the Multi-stage article he wrote in 1926. Many thanks!

Evan Haydon NØGMR for the kind help sending me a copy of the 1939 Harvey Radio Labs pricelist he had. Many thanks Evan!