Harvey-Wells, HarCam 1948

In March 1940, Clifford A. Harvey W1RF and John Wells W1ZD got together and started Harvey-Wells. The companys production was mainly into the war efforts, and later as military contractors during the cold war. Look at the military page to see some of their production.

Harry NPU found a ad in the 1944 ARRL Handbook that shows Harvey-Wells did made broadcast transmitters among other things, the models XN-25, T-100-TC  and TMC-1000. I also got sent to me a ad by Harvey-Wells found in the 1946 ARRL Handbook as well. The first ad found in QST 1948 by Harvey-Wells had the TBS-50 transmitter promoted.

Below is also pictures from a catalogue by HarCam in 1948 with several FM radios they made.

542 FM aircraft transmitter

TBS-50 and station monitor


Marine radiotelephone (WB6NVH)

ATR 3-12 aircraft transciever (W4WAW)

ATR3 APS power supply

Harvey-Wells headphones

Harvey-Wells crystals (WAJZN)




540A & 533

CSTR 152-250

CSR-152, CSR-152R, 520 Tuning Meter

AR-3-B-12 receiver

AT-3-B-12 transmitter

HW meter