Below is some of the military equipment Harvey-Wells made. More pictures and info found at the catalogues page...

RF Section of I.F.F. (Air Force)

AN/USM-27A Video signal gen (Navy)

TPS-1D Radar power supply (Navy)

TS-413/U ? Signal generator (Air Force)

TS-509/UR Field strenght meter (Navy)

BC-339 Transmitter  1 KW (Signal Corps)

CU-274/284 Antenna coupler (Navy, BuShips)

Antenna coupler (Navy)

Modulator power supply

Unknown model

AN/URM-25E Signal generator

Signal generator 10kc - 50 Mc (Navy)

Remote Controlled transceiver (Air Force)

RF/Osc/Multiplier section rec 100-150Mc (Air Force)

SPN-6 Monitor Scope (Navy)

Servo-Amplifier, Radar antenna system (Navy)

Shipboard Loran rec (Navy, commercial)

SF Handie talkie (Forestry)

AR-10A Aircraft receiver (Navy)

Other military equipment by Harvey-Wells (The Personnel & Facilities manual 1957) :

AN/UNS-1 Sound ranging set (Air Force)

DMS-1000 Radar indicator (Radiation Labs MIT)

XN-26 Loran timer (Radiation Labs MIT)

DMS-1200 Radar indicator (Radiation Labs MIT)

APS-15 IF Strips (Air Force)

ET-433S Mobile HF transmitters (Signal Corps)

XN-30 A/B/C Loran rec (Radiation Labs MIT)

AR-5A Aircraft receiver

GT-100 Radio telegraph transmitters (China)

AN/FRC-6 FM Station transmitter (Signal Corps)

SO Radar units (Marine)

MD-1 High voltage test set (Ordnance)

AN/URM-13 Dummy load (Air Force)

OA-174/FPS-3 Mark generator (Air Force)

APG-26A Radar indicator (Navy, BuAer)

Pictures of any of these products would be much appreciated!

Info from NJ7P Bill Beechs military list

BR Transponder, Identification, Friend or foe, Shipboard, 680-720 MHz, 5 W, 12 VDC, Harvey Radio Labs, 1944

BR-1 Same as BR except 115 VAC 60 Hz, Harvey Radio Labs, 1944.

BT Transponder, Identification, Friend or foe, Shipboard, 680-720 MHz, 5 W, 12 VDC, Similar to BR except install, Harvey Radio Labs, 1944.

CM-3 / APN-3 comparator, Harvey Radio Labs 1945.