Harvey 10-T

This is my latest addition to the collection - a Harvey 10-T transceiver from 1939 I found at Ebay. Its a very rare rig and do need a complete restoration. It works from 1,5 to 4,5 Mhz with 10W output, AM only and has room for 4 xtals and uses the speaker as microphone! :) Bult-in 32 VDC vibrators. Anyone having a manual or schematics for this rig?

Im planning to make this our mobile rig so my wife Gunilla (SM5XHC) can use it on AM 160/80m to talk to me at home using the HRO Sr / Harvey 80-T. Harvey all the way...! <grin>

The dirty front of the rig...

Speaker / microphone!

Inside of the rig

Original mic

First cleaning attempts...