Harvey Collectors






This is a page with Hendricks & Harvey, Harvey Radio Labs, Harvey of Cambridge and Harvey-Wells collectors. I really hope this page will grow, please write me if you would like to be displayed in here. If you want to see other collectors and nice sites, look at the links page...

Carl Nord, WA1KPD - Has a Harvey CT-60 and lots of other old radios. Will try to reconstruct a 60-T out of the parts he has, and using pictures from my 80-T of the layout and components.  Very skilled in building old radios. Also a very kind fellow ham who has helped me lots in tracking down info. Among those, helping me to find a Kenyon T-656 plate transformer after 65 years which Jim N2EY had laying around!

Peter Laur, SM5HUA - (myself :) Having a Harvey 80-T and National HRO Sr as main station. I also have a National NTE-A exciter, a old SW-3 and recently got a old Harvey 10-T transceiver added. Definitely not skilled but having fun anyway! :)

Mike Zuccaro in San Diego, California has a Harvey 193R model 47 FM receiver, rack mount. Frequency range 85-115 MHz. We need help to date the rig and a schematic, anyone out there with a helping hand? Its displayed at the 1947 page. So nice to find other fellows having Harvey’s... :)

Geoff Fors, WB6NVH has a Harvey-Wells marine radiotelephone from 1940-45. He also runs a site about old Police Radios. Will get pictures of his radio and publish them on the site. Has a huge collection of old boatanchors. Nice fellow!

Terry Shotts, N3GTE has been collecting Harvey-Wells for many years, and is using a pair of TBS-50 tranmsmitters + a bunch of Nationals. Will help contribute to the site. Nice to find you Terry! Look at the page above with his rigs...

Wayne Steiner, NØTE from Kansas wrote me and he has a Harvey 80-T alive! Its probably a later model than mine (serial: 2015), gray and with a 6V6 osc tube and a RCA-804 final. He is active with the 80-T on the mid-morning AM roundtable net in the Kansas/Missouri area. Truly great news! Have a look at his beatiful pictures of the Harvey on this page.

Ed Grimes, WAØJZN has been very helpful with sending me pictures and manuals of old Harvey-Wells equipment. He has a TBS-50 and lots of other old boatanchors as well. Many thanks Ed for your kind help!

Stan Harle, G3MEA sent me a email after seeing the site telling he had regular skeds for many years with Mr. Harvey. He also kindly shared old pictures and letters with me tp put for display in here. Even a tape recording of Mr. Harvey voice when he had a QSO with Stan! What to say? He even meet him and his wife personally when they visited England. Its amazing that I got my hands on these nice old pictures and Im most grateful to Stan. His page can be viewed here.

Philip Yoshitaka Shibuya, JA3KEV is a very good friend of mine, into collecting old National rigs. He bought my old NCX-1000 and have since then, helped me lots in finding old Icoms in Japan I’ve been looking for. A most kind and helpful gentleman! His page is here.

Tony WA3GKX wrote me and told he too had a Harvey 80-T. Its the later model and very close to the one Wayne NØTE has. Looking forward to get more pictures of it and of Tony as well! :) His page is here.