HRL Brochures 1935-36

Here is several old Harvey Radio Labs brochures from 1935-36 I bought at Ebay. They where originally sent to Mr. Alvin H. Battison W1GNF (later W2IEG sk) in Windsor, Vermont. He must have bought either a Harvey 60-T or 80-T because he got a warranty issued by Raytheon on a RK-20 dated 4 Dec 1936. These documents are truly a gold mine, enjoy the reading...

Harvey letter

Raytheon warranty

UHX-35 transmitter

200-R transmitter

200-S transmitter

50-S transmitter

60-X transmitter

60-T transmitter

80-T transmitter

700-A power amplifier

700-R transmitter

MI-4 modulation monitor

UHX-10 transmitter